Arandu School


Guaraní word that means “the wise” or “the one who perceives the time”, comes from Ara (time) and endu (to hear and to perceive). Wise or he who hears the voice of the gods.

“… The arandu ka’aty is the person who with his intelligence and natural and natural reasoning, gives conclusions and points of view generally successful, the fruit of his natural intuition and intelligence. With the eyes of the mind and experience he sees beyond the usual and almost certain way: he advises wisely. He is not a recipe counselor, nor a librarian in Latin or Greek, he is a human being who above all heard, listens, listens and compares and digests his experiences and those of his people. His acting is neither petulant nor emboldened; Hardly bathe in the river of pride, for he knows and recognizes that his talent is only borrowed, to put it at the service of others … “



Arandu School